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The Denver Broncos has the most Super Bowl losses in NFL history. Denverâ??s loss in Super Bowl XLVIII marked the fifth time the Broncos have lost the Super Bowl.

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Detroit lions

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Q: Which nfl team has the most super bowl losses?
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What team has the most losses but played in the Super Bowl?

the patriots

What team has the most losses of any 7 team to play in the super bowl?


Which team has had the most Super Bowl losses and has never won the Super Bowl?

The Broncos, Vikings, and Bills have all lost four Super Bowls. The Bills and the Vikings have never won the Super Bowl.

What NFL team has lost the Super Bowl seven times?

No National Football League team has ever lost the Super Bowl seven times. The record for most Super Bowl losses is five, held by the Denver Broncos. They have won twice.

What team has lost the Super Bowl most often?

The Bills (4 in a row), Broncos, and Vikings all have 4 losses.

What team had three Super Bowl losses in the same stadium?

The Dallas Cowboys lost Super Bowls V, X and XIII in the Miami Orange Bowl.

Has any nfl team started the season with 2 losses and made the super bowl?


What team scored the most points in the Super Bowl?

If you mean in one game, in Super Bowl 24 the 49ers scored 55 to the Broncos 10 for the most points scored by one team in the Super Bowl.

What was the most recent team to make its inaugural Super Bowl appearance?

As of Super Bowl XLIII, that was the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XL.

Which team attempted the most passes in super bowl 45?

The Steeler completed the most passes in Super Bowl 45.

Which football team has the most Super Bowl experience?

The Cowboys with a total of 8 Super Bowl appearances.

Win or lose the team with the most appearances in the Super Bowl was who?

The Dallas Cowboys went to the Super Bowl 8 times. The most in Super Bowl history. They are 5-3.