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Joe flacco

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Q: Which nfl quarterback threw the most touchdown passes since 2008?
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What quarterback threw the most touchdown passes in his career?

Brett Favre.

How many touchdown passes has Peyton Manning thrown to Reggie Wayne?

When Peyton Manning was the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, he threw 67 touchdown passes to Reggie Wayne.

What was the longest touchdown pass that Arnie Chonko threw as quarterback at Ohio State from 1961 to 1965?

I do believe Arnold threw any touchdown passes during his time at OSU.

How many touch down passes does Peyton Manning have for 2009?

The Indianapolis Colts quarterback threw 33 touchdown passes during his fourth season as the NFL's Most Valuable Player.

How many touchdown passes did Michael Vick throw in the 2010 season?

In 2010, Michael Vick threw 21 touchdown passes.

Who threw the most touchdown passes for Florida Gators?

Danny Wuerffel

Which NFL quarterback threw the most interceptions returned for a touchdown career and season?

michael jordan

What Alabama QB threw the most touchdown passes in a game?

Joe Namath

Who threw 7 touchdown passes in one game in 1990?

akili smith

How many touchdowns did Billy Kilmer of the New Orleans Saints throw against the St. Louis Cardinals?

In an aerial duel on November 2, 1969, Saints quarterback Billy Kilmer threw six touchdown passes in a 51-42 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium. Cardinals quarterback Charley Johnson also threw six touchdown passes in a losing effort. It was the Saints' first win of the 1969 season after starting off 0-6.

What quarterback threw 70 passes in a single game?

drew bledsoe

How many touchdown passes did Terrelle Pryor have in 2008?

He threw 12 touchdowns in 2008.