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Peyton Manning to Marvin harrison

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Q: Which nfl quarterback and receiver combination have the most completed passes?
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Which nfl quarterback has the most completstions to different receivers?

Tony Romo has completed the most passes to a receiver between just them and the receiver was yep you guessed it Terrell Owens(T.O)

What NFL quarterback holds the record for career completed passes?

Brett Farve, with about 6,300 completed passes in his NFL career.

What quarterback wide receiver combination holds touchdown pass record in super bowl?

Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots, holds the record for the most completed passes at the Super Bowl in a career at 127. He is also tied with Drew Bree's of the New Orleans Saints for most completed passes in a single Super Bowl game with 32 completed passes. Meanwhile, Steve Young and Jerry Rice are among the celebrated combos in Super Bowl history.

Most touchdown passes between quarterback and wide receiver?

Manning to Harrison

What NFL quarterback has completed all their passes in a game?

Their hasn't been: )

What quarterback has completed passes to most different receivers?

Dan marino

What does it mean when a quarterback goes 24-for-33?

Means the quarterback completed 24 passes of the 33 attempted.

Who was starting quarterback for San Diego in the 1995 Super Bowl?

Chargers quarterback Stan Humphries completed 24 of 49 passes for 275 yards. Gilbert also completed 3 passes.

What was the highest number of consecutively completed passes by a college football quarterback?


Who is the quarterback with the most completed passes in a Super Bowl game?

tom brady

What is the record for fewest completed passes in a game for the winning quarterback in the nfl?


What position is it when the quarterback passes you the ball and you run it to make a touchdown?

a wide receiver or a running back

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