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Boise State has the best with a record of 112-17 for an .868 winning percentage.

After that is Texas (110-19) and Oklahoma (110-24).

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Q: Which ncaa football team has the best win percentage since 2000?
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What major league baseball team has the best winning percentage since 2000?

New York Yankees.

Who has the most college football victories since 1941?

In addition to the most wins, 560, Oklahoma also has the best winning percentage, at .74835.

Who has the best winning percentage in college football since 1958?

The University of Notre Dame has the highest winning percentage during that time. They have had 875 wins, 305 losses and 42 ties.

In football has best winning percentage in Super Bowls?

The Ravens

What college has the best win percentage in football?

To me Penn State.

Which NFL team has the best home winning percentage?

According to today's Baltimore Sun, "The Steelers have the best home winning percentage (.722) in the NFL since 1970.",0,734965.htmlstory Must be a steelers fan since he doesn't include the year 66,67,68,69 in which the Steelers were terrible. Include those numbers and the steelers do not have the best home winning percentage. Since 1966 the Kansas City Chiefs have the best winning percentage followed by the Packers.

What collegiate football coach has the best winning percentage at home?

Bob Stoops of OU football team

Which ncca football team in sec as the best winning percentage?

alabama, lsu

Which team has the best Monday Night Football winning percentage?

jacksonville jaguars are .700

What team has the best winning percentage of the last 25 years in PRO football?


What college football teams have best winning percentage last 10 years?

To the best of my knowledge, Boise State.

Best College football team since 1959?

1998 Tennessee

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