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Kevin Durant does

Salmons is number 35 on the bulls.

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Q: Which nba players wear the number 35?
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Which NBA players wear number 35?

Kevin derunt does

Baseball players to wear number 35?

Frank Thomas, Ricky Henderson

Who are the Chicago Bears players to ever wear number 35?

Don't know that is why I ask

Who are the nba players over the age of 35?

Jason kidd is one

What football players wear the number 35?

Many players have worn number 35 in NFL history. Based on current numerical designations, numbers 20-49 are typically given to running backs or defensive backs.

Who are some famous players that wear 35?

Eric hosmer

What players have worn the number 22 for the Houston Astros and the New York Yankees?

For the Houston Astros, 35 different players have worn the number 22 from 1962 to 2013. The Yankees have had 58 players wear number 22 from 1929 to 2013.

Which famous baseball players wear number 35?

Phil Niekro, Atlanta Braves Randy Jones, San Diego Padres

Who is the soccer player which has number 35?

There are lots of soccer players with the number 35. Be more specific.

What players have worn the number 22 for the Houston Astros?

The Houston Astros have had 35 different players wear uniform number 22. Currently, Carlos Corporan wears this number. Uniform number 22 was first worn by Al Heist in 1962.

What number does kevin durant wear?


What mlb players are wearing number 35?

cole hamels

Which players wore number 35 for the Pittsburgh Pirates?


Who is the best number 35 in the nba?

Kevin Durant on the Oklahoma city thunder

What number did Mike McPhee wear with the Habs?

he wore number 35

What Kentucky mens basketball players wore number 35?

Kevin Grevey wore # 35.

What famous football players wore number 35?

christian okoye

Which Minnesota Twins players wore number 35?

mr mann

Which Pittsburgh Steelers players wore number 6?

There have been 5 players on the Steelers to wear the number 6: Shaun Suisham (10-present), Bubby Brister (86-92), Jim Elliott (67), Chester Johnson (40), Cosgrove (35).

Who wore number 35 for the New York Yankees?

Click on the link below to see all the players that wore number 35 for the Yankees

Which New York Yankees wore number 35?

Click on the link below to see all the players who wore number 35 for the Yankees.

Which NFL players wore the number 35?

The Nigerian Nighmare Christian Okoye

What athletes wear or wore the number 35?

Reggie Lewis and Paul Silas.

Are there any pro basketball league for men over 35 years of age?

There are many professional basketball leagues for men over 35 years old . Most notably the NBA has many excellent players over the age of 35.

Why does Kevin durant wear number.35?

His childhood mentor and AAU coach, Charles Craig, was murdered at age 35.