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Hitting a tennis ball incorporates nearly every muscle in your body. Power is generated in your legs and your core muscles, then transfered into your shoulders, and finally into your arms. It's just like when you punch someone; weight transfer throughout the entire body generates the force.

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A muscular core allows you to hit the ball solidly while running or off balance, the core is the most important part of the body for tennis. A strong core let's the player rotate the whole body into a swing to give more power and speed to the raquet and ball. Muscular strength is used to increase head speed on the raquet, increased head speed gives more power and spin to the ball. A stronger forearm and shoulder can increase the speed you swing the raquet. Muscular strength in the legs allows the player to hit the ball more solidly and get to the ball quicker. Footwork is the most important part of tennis, the stronger your legs..the quicker you are. Leg strength is also very important for serving, you use your legs to push off the ground to get your whole body into a serve swing. This increases the speed of your serve as well as creates better and easier angles to serve with. The higher you are above the court, the easier it is to hit down onto the court without hitting too far or into the net. Muscular strength can also build stamina for longer points. Obviously muscular strength is a huge part of playing tennis, training hard and playing a lot will greatly enhance your game.

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Q: Which muscle must be strong to hit the tennis ball harder?
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