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Q: Which mobile company yuvraj singh used?
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Which company's mobile enrique iglesias used?

black berry

Which mobile phone company first used Bluetooth?

nokia phones

Where can used mobiles be sold for cash?

There is a company called Vodafone that will take your used a mobile phone for cash. Another place to sell your used mobile phone is called 'Fair Home'.

1.Can t-mobile be used in Africva-uganda 2.Do the company sale rephablished t-mobile phones?

T-Mobile uses GSM for their backbone, which is used globablly. It should work fine in Africa, but call T-Mobile first to set up a global plan.

Which Martyr used to write under the pseudonym Balwant Singh?

Bhagat Singh

How does Nokia Mobile compare to Sprint?

Nokia mobile is affiliated with the AT&T company. Sprint is a company that uses different cellphone towers than those used by Nokia. They both have a lot of the same features but some may have better service in some areas.

How could you activate a used HTC Hero?

To activate a used HTC Hero, you must call your mobile phone company and they will give you directions on how to activate your phone.

What is antivirus pro in regards to mobile security?

Antivirus Pro is a mobile security application for Android devices created by the AVG company. It is used to prevent malicious software from being installed on such devices.

Is using a company email or mobile telephone for personal use legal?

ONLY if permitted by the company concerned ! Some businesses forbid the use of their equipment being used for personal communications.

How do you used tally software?

ishwar singh rawat

Is singh comes under rajput caste?

Singh is used as a surname for both Sikhs as well as Rajputs meaning sardar

Is steel used in a mobile phone?

Yes it is used in a mobile phone.