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Barry Bonds, who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and the San Francisco Giants, won a record seven Most Valuable Player awards in the National League. He won during the following seasons:

  • 1990 -- Batted .301 for Pittsburgh with 33 home runs and 114 RBIs. He also had 52 stolen bases.
  • 1992 -- Hit .311 with 34 homers and 103 RBIs in his final season with the Pirates.
  • 1993 -- Batted .336 in his first year with San Francisco and led the National League with 46 home runs and 123 runs batted in.
  • 2001-- Set a new major-league record for home runs in a season with 73. His .863 slugging percentage (411 total bases in 476 at bats) also set a new major league record.
  • 2002 -- Led the Giants to a World Series berth, while winning his first National League batting title with a .370 average. He hit 46 home runs in 403 at bats and set major-league records for walks (198) and intentional walks (68). He struck out only 47 times and posted a .799 slugging percentage.
  • 2003 -- Had only 390 official at bats (he walked 148 times) in 130 games. He batted .341 and hit 45 home runs with a slugging percentage of .749 and an on-base average of .529.
  • 2004 -- Had one of the greatest individual seasons in history. He won his second National League batting title with a .362 average and broke his own record for walks with 232. He hit 45 home runs in 373 at bats, while striking out only 41 times. He also posted a slugging percentage of .812, the fourth-highest of all time, and set a new on-base percentage record with a .609 average.
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Q: Which mlb player has won most mvp awards for regular season play?
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