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Q: Which metric unit would be the best to use to describe the length and width of a volleyball court?
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Describe how technological advances have changed in volleyball?

When volleyball was new to everyone there was no certain amount of players allowed on the court

Which metric unit would you use to measure the length of the tennis court?

Meters should be used to measure the length of a tennis court in metric units.

How many volleyball players can on a volleyball court?

On a normal volleyball court: 6 players beach volleyball: 2 players

How large is a tennis court in metric measurement?

The length is 78 ft which is exactly 23.7744 metres.

How would you measure the length of a vollyball cort?

The volleyball court, from endline to endline is 60 feet (30 feet/side). The court is 30 feet wide.

How large the size of a volleyball court for mini?

6mtwide by 12 metres in length and divided by a net of 1.9 to 2 metres in height.

What is the area of a volleyball field?

Volleyball square field/court

What is mini volleyball?

when only 3 players can be on the volleyball court

What are the two types of volleyball?

There is hard court volleyball, which is played on a wooden floor and there is beach volleyball, which is played in the sand (There is also indoor beach volleyball, but it is much smaller than beach and hard court)

How long is a volleyball court?

The standard volleyball court is 18 meters long and 9 meters wide.

The fast complex volleyball court has an area of 132 m² if the width of the court is 6 m what is the length of the court?

this answer is simply division just for a reminder of what I am doing here are how to work these length times width = area area divided by width = length area divided by length = width. we will be doing the second equation so 132 divided by 6 = 22 answer is 22

How is the field for volleyball?

its a court.