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The one that's a little over two meters.

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Q: Which metric measurement is the best estimate for the height of a professional basketball player?
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What is the average height for a professional basketball center?


What is the professional level basketball rim height?

10 feet from the ground.

Are most professional basketball player of moderate height?


Which measurement is the best estimate for the height of a school bus?

It's Yard

Which measurement is the best estimate for the height of a backyard fence?

in miles

How tall do you have to be to play proffesional basketball?

There is no Certain height to play professional basketball. If you have the skill and heart to play the game then you can do it.

What are the requirements of entering the program of study in professional basketball?

To get into professional basketball players should play at a college level. Height is also a good factor, most players stand at 7 feet tall.

What is the height of basketball goal at the Philippines Basketball Association league?

First of all, it's NBA (National, not Professional) Second, 10 feet.

What is height measurement?

height measurement is the accurate and dependable measurement for a man, object or anything.

What metric measurement do you use to measure a person height?

cm most likely if you want to be precise. but meters if you are making an estimate.

Did the height of basketball hoop change?

No it did not change. The Height Of A Basketball hoop is 10ft.

How high is the basketball rim?

Height of a Basketball RimThe official amateur, professional, and international rim height is ten feet (120") above the playing floor to the top of the rim.Unofficially, it can be set at any height that is wanted, to achieve a desired utility for the participant(s).