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Kenny Gant

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Q: Which member of the Dallas Cowboys 1992 team was the shark?
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Which member of the 1992 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Championship team was referred to as the shark?

Kenny Gant

Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator from 1998 to 1992?

The Cowboys' offensive coordinator from 1989 to 1992 was Norv Turner.

Who was the kicker for the Dallas Cowboys in 1992?

Lin Elliott.

Who was the head coach for the Dallas Cowboys in 1992?

Jimmy Johnson

Who was the Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator in 1992?

Norv Turner

Who was the Dallas Cowboys receivers coach in 1992?

Hubbard Alexander was the Cowboys receivers coach from 1989 to 1997.

Who was the Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator in 1989-1992?

Dave Wannstedt

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator 1989-1992?

It was Dave Wannstedt.

Which NFL team was the highest paid during the 1992 season?

The Dallas Cowboys

Who quarterbacked the 1992 Super Bowl?

Troy Aikman, Dallas Cowboys and Jim Kelley, Buffalo Bills. Cowboys won!

Which year did the Dallas Cowboys have the most wins?

The Dallas Cowboys have won 13 regular season games twice -- in 1992 and 2007. The most overall games won by the team -- including playoffs -- was 16 by the 1992 Super Bowl champions.

How many games did Charles Haley play in for the Dallas Cowboys and how many did he miss?

Between 1992-1996, Charles Haley played in 63 games for the Dallas Cowboys and missed 17.