Which MBTI-type do the popular kids at high school have?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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Shana Bradtke

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esfj or esfp mostly

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Q: Which MBTI-type do the popular kids at high school have?
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What is the most popular musical in high school?

Probably High School Musical 1, 2 and 3. My kids love it!

What does the mascot symbolizes in high school culture?

well it represents the school and it makes kids feel as if the are "popular"

What percent of children popular at school?

I'm not completly right, but i think that about 30% of kids are popular in a grade in elementary school. In middle school, about 45% of kids are popular in a grade. In high school, about 25% teens are popular in a grade.

Why are there popular kids at your school?

There are popular kids at every school, at least while you're in elementary, middle and high school. Popularity comes from many things including a person's personality, their looks, their background (maybe they have money, or a unique family heritage), etc.

How many kids attend Fenton High School?

Over 600 kids attend Fenton High School

What are high school science project?

High School projects are experiments that high school kids do at home example some high school kids have projects such as how to build a volcano and how to make lava come out of the volcano

What is the name of high school that Daryl Sabara graduate?

Daryl Sabara is a popular film and television star. He can be seen in the Spy Kids series of movies. He graduated from West High School in Torrance, California.

Name a show that features high school kids?

90210 saved by the bell popular dawson's creek sabrina moesha vh1

Why don't very many kids play sports in high school?

Why dont kids play sports in high school?

How many kids are in high school?

depends on the school and town

What are some good titles for essays having to do with high school drop outs?

kids aren't serious kids interest at high school kids need professional assistance kids bored kids love

When did the Bowling For Soup High School Never Ends song come out?

The Bowling For Soup High School Never Ends came out on September 19 in 2006. And still is a popular song amongst High School kids who deal with such issues in their daily life on school .Trying to graduate to get further in life.