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Andre Dawson with 36 The top 15 players with home runs against the Mets are:

Willie Stargell (60)

Mike Schmidt (49)

Willie McCovey (48)

Hank Aaron (45)

Barry Bonds (37)

Chipper Jones (36)

Pat Burrell (36)

Andre Dawson (36)

Billy Williams (34)

Dick Allen (33)

Dale Murphy (32)

Tony Perez (30)

Joe Torre (30)

Gary Sheffield (29)

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Q: Which marlin has the most career home runs against the mets?
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What team did Carlos Delgado hit his 400th career home run against?

Cardinals on August 22nd, 2006. One of the most amazing comebacks the Mets have had.

How many home runs did Francouer hit while on the mets?

Jeff hit 15 Career Homers With The New York Mets

In 2006 prince fielder hit a home run off the roadrunner sign against which team Phillies mets twins reds?


Who has the most career home runs for the mets?

Carlos Delgado has the most, but if garrey sheffield was still playing for them he would

Against what team did Babe Ruth hit his first home run?

new york yankees

Did duke snider hit 3 home runs in one game?

Duke Snider hit his 400th career home run on June 14, 1963 as the Mets ripped the Reds 10-3 in Cincinnati.

Where do the mets sit during a home game?

The Mets home dugout is on the first base side.

What was the braves record against the mets in 2008?

The New York Mets had 7 wins and 11 losses against the Atlanta Braves in 2008.

Who Played entire major league career with the mets?

Ed Kranpool

Did Derek Jeter homer in the World Series?

Derek Jeter has hit 3 World Series home runs ... 2 in 2000 against the Mets and 1 in 2001 against the Diamondbacks.

What number home run did Barry Bonds hit on May 8 2007?

That was Barry's 745th career home run hit off Tom Glavine of the Mets at AT&T Park on May 8, 2007.

How many career grand slams has Willie Mays hit in MLB?

Mays, who played for the New York/San Francisco Giants and the New York Mets during his career, hit eight home runs with the bases loaded.