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YESUDAS is the male singer who won the most Indian national awards.

He has won 7 national awards..

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Q: Which male singer won the most Indian national awards?
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best male singer

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Did Justin bieber win an award for the kids choice awards 2011?

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When was the Filmfare Award for Best Male Playback Singer first awarded?

Best Playback singer was awarded in 1967. It was given to Mukesh, the classical singer. The best Male playback singer was Mahendra Kapoor.The Filmfare Award for Best Male Playback Singer was first awarded in 1968, although the Filmfare Awards started in 1954. Before that, from 1959 through 1967, both the female and male singers used to compete for a single award - Best Playback Singer award.The first male to win the Best Playback Singer award was Mukesh for the song "Sab Kuch Seekha Humne" from Anari in 1960. Mahendra Kapoor won the Best Male Playback Singer award in 1968 for the song "Neele Gagan Ke Tale" from Hamraaz.

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Mohit Chauhan (male) Rekha Bhardwaj (female) Kavitha Seth (female)

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What male singer has the initials c.a.