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It's your opinion, Baseball is real, Wrestling' entertaining. It's more fun when you know anything can happen and it's not already decided, but wrestling may be slightly more entertaining especially for ages 8-18.

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This is strictly a matter of opinion. Someone in Canada, where Ice Hockey verges on a national sport, might say hockey is better. Someone in the United States, where baseball is extremely popular, you may hear baseball is better.

And Basketball also has many fans who would say it is the best.

If you have a more specific question, such as which is the fastest paced of the two, or in which sport are you more likely to lose teeth or receive broken bones, then one may be the more accurate answer than the other. But "which is better?"...that's just opinion.

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Q: Which make more money UFC or baseball?
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Do wrestlers get paid more than ufc fighters?

It depends on which wrestler and UFC fighter you are comparing. Actually speaking the top wrestlers like "John Cena" or "CM Punk" or even part time wrestlers like "Rock", "Brock Lesnar" or "Undertaker" make far more money than almost all the UFC fighters. Similarly, the top UFC fighters like Anderson Silva, Jon Jones etc make more money than most of the wrestlers. In fact, the amount of money these guys make is a direct reflection of their popularity and the guys who are champions usually make more money than the rest of their peers.

How much do you make if you make a UFC debut?

It depends on your professional fighting history and win-loss record. It also depends on where you fight on the fight-card. People fighting on the main-card usually make a lot more money that those who fight on the under-card or the preliminary-card. People make as low as $5000 or so per fight and so, the amount of money you may make at your UFC debut may be around that number as well. More prominent fighters make a lot more money when they make their UFC debut, for ex: Brock Lesnar reportedly made $250,000 for his UFC Debut against Frank Mir.

How much money do ufc fighters make a year?

Enough to party

How much ufc pays Harley Davidson?

It is the other way round. Harley Davidson is a sponsor for the UFC and they pay UFC to have their logos displayed during UFC events and for commentators to refer to them by name during the event. If Harley does not pay UFC, UFC will not allow their advertisement banners to be used in their events. If someone can offer more money than what Harley does, UFC will display their logos instead. The actual amount of money Harley pays UFC is unknown.

How much money do UFC doctors make?

my friend is a doctor in las vegas who has done a ufc show and he said he made 12,000 before taxes

Who make more money a UFC champion or WWE champion?

That is a really good question. There's no really a way of knowing this but my guess is the UFC champion. Though, WWE superstars get paid for appearance and they do appearances more than UCF fighters who also get paid per fight + possible post-match bonuses.

Which is more dangerous boxing or UFC?

ufc becaue in ufc there is mixed but in boxing there isnt.

Who gets more money UFC fighters or boxers?

How nows but they should be payed what boxers of the same caleber get .After all its just or more popular they can afford it but must be cheap.

How did the ufc get its name?

They wanted to make a sport about real fighting so the namedit UFC ultimate fighting champion

When will Downloadable content be available for UFC 2009 Undisputed for x-box 360?

i dont know but can you buy me ufc please i realy want it and i have no money (ps3)

Is Ken Shamrock coming back to the WWE?

NO!!! June 2006 - go to Probaly never. He's happy with Ultimate Fighting. NO, HE JUST LOST A FIGHT IN THE UFC ON MONDAY RIGHT AFTER RAW. Apparently he still has a couple more fights in his deal with UFC. Until then we won't know what Ken wants to do with his career. Ken Shamrock is taking it easy from UFC and WWE. He only has a few more years left in UFC, then he is going to be a special enforcer for UFC. He is in the UFC. He's also in the UFC hall of fame so ......... no

Average salary of george st Pierre?

He makes 200,000 for just fighting but when he wins he always gets that doubled their for 400,000 from the ufc but he would get more money from sponsors