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Washington Nationals. don't know any others

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Q: Which major league baseball teams that has never made it to the playoffs?
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Which Major League Baseball baseball team has never made the playoffs?

With the Tampa Bay Rays making the playoffs in the 2008 season, all MLB teams have made the playoffs at least one time.

How many females have played Major League Baseball?

None, there has never been a female player in Major League baseball.

Has there been female Major League baseball players?

No there has never been a female Major League player.

Was there ever a Major League Baseball manager who had never played in the Major League Baseball himself?

Jim Riggleman (Nationals 09,10 manager)

Who are Major League Baseball players from Ecuador?

There has never been one

What city never had a Major League Baseball team?

boise Idaho

Major league managers who never played in a major league?

major league managers who never played in a major league game

What was the first African American woman to play major league baseball?

There has never been a woman, African-American or otherwise, to play Major League baseball.

When did Stacie B Collins play with the Atlanta Braves?

Judging from the name "Stacie" she is a girl. Girls have never and will never play in Major League Baseball. They did have a girls baseball league during WWI. But that's not considered major league.

What Major League Baseball team has never lost a playoff season?

Florida/Miami Marlins. They've only made the playoffs twice (1997 & 2003), but they won the MLB championship every time that they did.

Was there ever a major league baseball franchise named the Deep Blues?

No, never.

Has any coach ever coached in the NFL and Major League Baseball?


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