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Those with the most seasons played are ...

1) 23 seasons - Brooks Robinson - Orioles, Carl Yastrzemski - Red Sox

2) 22 seasons - Mel Ott - Giants, Stan Musial - Cardinals, Al Kaline - Tigers

3) 21 seasons - Walter Johnson - Senators, Ted Lyons - White Sox, Willie Stargell - Pirates, George Brett - Royals, Cal Ripken Jr. - Orioles

4) 20 seasons - Red Faber - White Sox, Luke Appling - White Sox, Mel Harder - Indians, Tony Gwynn - Padres, Craig Biggio - Astros, Robin Yount - Brewers, Alan Trammell - Tigers

5) 19 seasons - Ted Williams - Red Sox, Ernie Banks - Cubs, Charlie Gehringer - Tigers, Dave Conception - Reds, Jim Palmer, Orioles, Barry Larkin - Reds, Lou Whitaker - Tigers, Chipper Jones - Braves

For the 2012 season, the current players who have the longest careers with one team are Jones with the Braves at 19 seasons and the Yankees' Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter at 18 seasons.

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In the 2009 season, none.

The last player in MLB to do that was Craig Biggio of the Houston Astros who played with the team between 1988-2007.

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Cap Anson, Mel Ott, Stan Musial, Willie Stargell, Tony Gwynn, and Craig Biggio

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Q: Which major league baseball players have spent their entire careers with one team?
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