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No Little League bat has a bpf of 1.2.

As of Jan 2009, a LL bat cannot exceed bpf 1.15.

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Q: Which little league bat has a bpf of 1.2?
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Which league is considered the Senior league?

The national league "Senior League" refers to the youth league after "Little League" but before High School. Senior League players are usually between the ages of 13-15 and/or grades 7-9. Most Senior Leagues allow bats larger than the 2.25" Little League approved bat diameter, and bats can be lighter than the High School -3 minimum weight/length, but the bat weight ratio limits vary with the specific senior league organization. For example, Catholic Youth Athletic Association limits grade 7-8 bats to -7 weight ratio (no lighter). So, be careful when shopping for a "Senior League" bat as the rules for different organizations are less consistent than they are for the 9-12 year olds that usually follow Little League rules.

Is there such a thing as a slow-pitch fast-pitch baseball bat?

There is a slow-pitch BASEBALL bat is more for Little League. A fast-pitch BASEBALL bat is mostly 10 and under or 12 and under or even 14 and under. There isn't a slow-pitch and a fast-pitch BASEBALL bat. Meaning they cant be morphed together.

Who won the little league World Series in 2008?

Waipi'o Little League of Waipi'o, Hawaii defeated Matamoros Little League of Matamoros, Mexico 12-3 to win the 2008 Little League World Series.

Feet from home plate to pitchers mound little league in little league?

9 to 12 years old little league regulation is 46 feet mound to plate

Official size of little league baseball?

a drop 12 ot -12

Baseball players that wore 12?

me last year on little league

How old do you have to be to umpire little league baseball in Michigan?

12 unless your local league has their own age

What does -12 mean you were looking at a fastpich bat and it had a -12?

The -12 is the 'drop' of the bat and means the number of ounces the bat weighs is 12 less than the number of inches the bat is in length. If you have a 32 inch bat, a -12 drop means the bat weighs 20 ounces. If you have a 30 inch bat, a -12 drop means the bat weighs 18 ounces. If you know the length of the bat in inches and the drop, you can figure out how many ounces the bat weighs.

What is the size of the softball used for girls little league?

A 10 inch softball is used for little league but in 12u you change to a 12 inch softball.

What does the -12 on a baseball bat mean?

It means that if you subtract 12 from the length of the bat, you will get the weight of the bat in ounces.

How far is the mound from home plate in little league for 12 and under?

46 feet.

How old did you have to be to play in the Little League World Series of baseball?

12 threw 13

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