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Best look under William Cody

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Q: Which letter would you look up buffalo bill under in an encyclopedia?
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look at an encyclopedia under a

Which topic would you NOT look under in the encyclopedia if you were doing a report on Shakespeare?

American literature

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Look up under the W.

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An encyclopedia or an atlas would give you the answer.

What topics would be under the numbers 000-099 in the Dewey decimal system?

references (encyclopedia, Dictionary thesaurus etc.)

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wiki answers, or an atlas, or an encyclopedia.

Is encyclopedia singular or plural?

Encyclopedia is singular, encyclopedias would be plural.

Is encyclopedia plural or singular?

Encyclopedia is singular, encyclopedias would be plural.

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If you saw S:32 in the index for an encyclopedia what would it mean

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Whitcomb L. Judson invented the zipper. You would look in an encyclopedia.

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