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American League.

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Q: Which league are the Boston Red Sox in?
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What league division are the Boston Red Sox in?

The Red Sox are in the American League East.

What year did the Boston Red Sox join the American League?

The Boston Red Sox joined the American League in 1912.

What sport do the Boston Red Sox play?

The Boston Red Sox are a Major League Baseball (MLB) team.

What year did the Boston Red Sox have their first baseball team?

The Boston Red Sox along with the American League joined the National League in 1901 to form Major League Baseball. The team name at the time was the Boston Americans. In 1907 the team name was changed to the Red Sox.

When were the Red Sox started?

The Red Sox were a charter team of the American League when it was founded in 1901.

What year did the Red Sox adopt the name Red Sox?

1901. The first year of operation of the American League was 1901. But at that time, they were not called the Red Sox. They were just called the Boston Americans.

Who founded the Boston Red Sox?

The Red Sox were founded in 1901 as one of the eight charter teams in the American league, however they were earlier known as the Boston Americans. Then in 1901, as they joined the American League, they changed their name to Boston Somersets, then in 1903 to the Boston Pilgrims, then in 1907 to our beloved Red Sox.

How many years have the Boston Red Sox been around for?

The Boston Red Sox have been around since 1901. They were a charter team in the American League when it became a major league in 1901. Between 1901-1907, the Red Sox were known as the Americans. The name was changed to Red Sox in 1908.

What is the best Major League Baseball team?

the Boston Red Sox

What was the last Major League Baseball team to intergrate?

Boston red sox American league

How many American league championships red soxs?

The Boston Red Sox won 12 American League Pennants.

Who was the American league mvp in 1958?

Jackie Jensen of the Boston Red Sox.