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I think the STX k18 gloves have the best grip overall. The brine kings are also good, but the k18 also have a ventilation system for when your hands get hot.

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Q: Which kind of lacrosse gloves have the best grip?
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What kind of gloves are best for driving in the car?

Leather gloves would be best for driving a car or gloves that have been desinged for extra grip.

What kind of pads are used for lacrosse?

shoulder, elbow, and gloves

What kind of weight training gloves are best for heavy lifting?

Wearing gloves while weight training helps prevent injuries to the wrist and hands. Some brands that are great for this are New Grip gloves these have little ridges that prevent slipping when picking up the heavy weight and Crossfit Gloves come highly recommended.

Does the grip on under armour blitz ii gloves smear or wear away?

no i have had a pair of the same kind of gloves for almost 2 years now and they are probably the best investment in gloves i have ever made. The grip will seem to wear off after a week or two but that's only because there dirt on them. All you need to do is throw them in the washer and let them air dry. You can also just rinse them off with water during a game or practice but it wont regain as much grip as the washer. Well anyways goodluck during the season and i hope the gloves work for you.

What best describes the kind of grip used in a Vardon grip Widened Underlapping Overlapping Parted?


What kind of gloves are best for hose cleaning?

Rubber gloves are great for general cleaning and are disposable as well!

What kind of tape works best when dying a lacrosse stick head?

Probably duck tape

What kind of gloves are best for running in cold weather?

Any leather gloves are great for cold weather, and some have vents for when your hands get too hot.

What is the best kind of steering wheel cover?

a one with grip and gives you total control and comfort

What kind of sport would someone need Burton mittens for?

The kind of sports you need Burton mittens for are extreme winter sports such as Skiing and Snowboarding. The gloves most suitable for these would be the thick Pipe Gloves - which keep in heat and are also waterproof. The thinner gloves are more useful for outdoor winter sports such as Hockey, where grip and movement is still necessary and can't be restricted.

What is the best warrior lacrosse shaft?

I would say the best warrior shafts are:1.Krypto Pro Diamond2.Krypto Pro3. Kryptolyte4. Dolomite5. TitanI have never used the Dolomite or titan but i heard they were good.SEARCH "WHAT IS THE BEST KIND OF LACROSSE SHAFT?"on wikianswers

What kind of gloves are there?


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