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Hopefully(NOTICE:I DO NOT KNOW!!!) The Steelers and The Patriots will go(once again)HOPEFULLY!!! And If They Do..... THE STEELERS WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Patriots and Vikings

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Q: Which is the team that won Super Bowl 43?
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Which number Super Bowl is this?

The 2010 Super Bowl is Super Bowl XLIV or 44.

Which Super Bowl winning quarterbacks have faced another Super Bowl winning quarterback?

This only list Quarterbacks who have won a Superbowl prior to the Super Bowl listed in parathesis next to the name. Terry Bradshaw and Roger Staubach (Super Bowl 10) (Super Bowl 13) Jim Plunkett and Joe Theismann (Super Bowl 18) Ben Roethlisberger and Kurt Warner (Super Bowl 43) Eli Manning and Tom Brady (Super Bowl 46)

Has any nfl quarterback won a super bowl for one team and started a super bowl for another team?

Kurt Warner won Super Bowl XXXIV but lost Super Bowl XXXVI with the St. Louis Rams, then lost Super Bowl XLIIII with the Arizona Cardinals.Craig Morton also was the starting Quarterback to lose the Super Bowl for a NFC team Dallas Cowboys in SB V and an AFC team Denver Broncos SB XII.Kurt Warner Super Bowl appearances :Super Bowl 34 (January 30, 2000) St. Louis Rams 23-16 Tennessee TitansSuper Bowl 36 (February 3, 2002) New England Patriots 20-17 St. Louis RamsSuper Bowl 43 (February 1, 2009) Pittsburgh Steelers 27-23 Arizona Cardinals

What year was Super Bowl 43?

Super Bowl IV was played on January 11, 1970 at Tulane Stadium.

Who won Super Bowl 43?

The Pittsburgh Steelers won Super Bowl XLIII by a score of 27-23 over the Arizona Cardinals. It was the 2nd year in a row that a Super Bowl was decided by a catch in the corner of the end zone with 35 seconds remaining. In 2008 (Super Bowl XLII), the Giants' Plaxico Burress caught a pass from Eli Manning. In 2009 (Superbowl XLIII), it was a catch by Santonio Holmes of a pass from Ben Roethlisberger.

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What is the team who won Super Bowl 43?


What team won Super Bowl 43?

The Pittsburgh Steelers

What team won the super bowl in 2013?

seattle Seahawks(43) beat denver broncos(8)

How many times has an AFC team won the Super Bowl?

Of the 43 Super Bowls that have been played, AFC teams have won 21 of those games.

Who won in the Super Bowl?

The Seattle Seahawks won the 2014 Super Bowl. This is the Seahawks first Super Bowl win. They defeated the Denver Broncos 43 to 8.

How many Super Bowls have seattle won?

The Seattle Seahawks have won one Super Bowl. Super Bowl XLVIII, where they defeated the Denver Broncos, 43-8.

Which team was the first to win 6 Super Bowl games?

The Pittsburgh Steelers, who won Super Bowl XLIII in 2009 over the Arizona Cardinals. They had these wins in Super Bowls: * Super Bowl 9 (1975) * Super Bowl 10 (1976) * Super Bowl 13 (1979) * Super Bowl 14 (1980) * Super Bowl 40 (2006) * Super Bowl 43 (2009)

Who is the home team for Super Bowl 43?

The Arizona Cardinals are the designated home team.

Which NFL team has more Super Bowl champion ships?

Pittsburgh Steelers with six( They won super bowls 9, 10, 13, 14, 40 and 43)

When was the last time the Seattle Seahawks won a Super Bowl?

The Seattle Seahawks won their first Super Bowl in February of 2014. They defeated the Denver Broncos 43-8. This was their second Super Bowl appearance.

Did the Denver Broncos or Seattle Seahawks win in Super Bowl XLVIII?

The Seahawks won Super Bowl XLVIII. The score was 43 to 8.

Who played in Super Bowl 43?

The Pittsburgh Steelers played against the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII. The Steelers won, 27-23.