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By Size: largest is Russia at 17.1 million square km, smallest is Monaco at 2 square km.

By Population: largest is China with an estimated 1.347 billion, smallest is Tuvalu and Nauru with an estimated 10,000.

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Q: Which is the smallest and largest country to take part in the Olympics?
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Which is the smallest country taking part in the Olympics?

The smallest country, in area, that will compete at the 2012 Games in London is Monaco which has an area of 2 square km.

What continent has the largest and smallest country?

Europe. it has part of Russia in it and Vatican city Russia being the largest and Vatican city being the smallest)

What is the order of these from smallest to largest - country state hemisphere continent?

A state as a governmental division is the smallest, followed by country, which is part of a continent (usually one of 7), which is part of a hemisphere (any of 4 for the Earth).

Is Europe bigger than Asia?

Asia is the largest of the seven continents in the world, while Europe is next to the smallest continent. Russia is the largest country in the world, with part of their country in both Asia and Europe.

What are the largest and smallest countries in South America?

Brazil is the largest, and has nearly half of the area of South America. Suriname (formerly Dutch Guiana) is the smallest sovereign country. (French Guiana is slightly smaller, but is an overseas territory, part of France.)

How many athletes were there in largest 2012 Olympics team?

there was about 500 taking part in the Olympics for America.

Which one of the smallest countries is taking part in the 2012 olympics?

New Zealand

What European country a member of the IOC has never competed in the Olympics?

No country is a part of the IOC that does not compete in the Olympics.

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Protons, neutrons, and electrons make up the nucleus, which is the smallest part of matter. Here are the parts from largest to smallest ; molecule, atom, and (pronton-neutron or electro).

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What is the largest of the 216 countries taking part in the Olympics?

it is russua

What are the three parts of a comet from smallest to largest?

the Comae the nuclei and the tail, i don't know what the smallest part is

Is there a limit on how many countries can participate in the Olympics?

NO, every country can take part in the Olympics

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What is the largest country of Eastern Europe?

Russia is the largest country in the world, but only part of it is in Europe, the rest being in Asia. The largest country wholly in Europe, which is also in the eastern part of the continent, is Ukraine.

Who takes part in modern Olympics?

the talented country.

The smallest country of the world is part of which continent?


What the smallest country taking part in CHOGM?


What is the second largest country in the USSR?

The second largest country that used to be part of the USSR is the Ukraine

What country 2012 Olympics being held at?

The Olympics are being held in London part of the United Kingdom

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The largest prime is 97 and the smallest is 2 (1 is not considered part of the prime number set). So the sum is 97 + 2 = 99

How is haiti involved in the Olympics?

Because they a country, that is part of this world.

The largest country in Asia?

the largest country in Asia is Russia. but it is also part of Europe.

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Italy is the smallest country in the world?

No; the smallest recognized independent country in the world is Vatican City, which is located within Italy; but is not part of Italy.