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Q: Which is the poorest football club in Europe?
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What football teams in the world cup are the poorest in the world?

It is North Korea.

Football club history?

Football club history?What in the world are you talking about?!

Which football club is the best at history?

Manchester United Football Club

What is the English soccer team's real name?

Well the England national team's name is the England National Team. Their nickname is the Three Lions. Their association, i.e. their governing body, is known as the Football Association or The FA. If you are referring to club teams most club teams in Europe use the name of the city they are located in as the name of the club, much like the clubs in high schools. For example Blackburn Football Club is the name of the Premier League club from the city of Blackburn, England. Just like the Southside High School Chess Club would be the name of the chess team from Southside high school. They don't use nicknames in the names themselves like American teams such as the New York Knickerbockers or the San Diego Padres. If you are looking for specific club teams then the two most successful English Football Clubs are: Liverpool Football Club, LFC & Manchester United Football Club, MUFC Other notable and famous clubs are, in no particular order: Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, THFC Arsenal Football Club, AFC Chelsea Football Club, CFC Manchester City Football Club, MCFC Nottingham Forest Football Club, NFFC

What was the first ever football team?

The oldest football club with a well-documented, continuous history is the Dublin University Football Club, founded in 1854 at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. Cambridge University Association Football Club has been described by both the university as the oldest club now playing Association football (soccer). Sheffield Football Club, in Sheffield, England is the oldest documented non-university club, and was founded in 1857.

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Who is the poorest football club?

probaly Manchester united cause they spend too much money now they cant buy any football player

Where in Europe is the football club Ajax from?

Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Which is richest football club in Europe?

Manchester City.

Which football club in Europe has the most titles?

Real Madrid

Is arsenal the best football club in Europe?

Definetely yes!

Which of southeastern European country is one of the poorest in all of Europe?

Albania is the poorest of the Southeastern European countries, and one of the poorest in all of Europe.

One of the poorest nations is Europe is?

10 poorest by GDP:San MarinoAndorraMontenegroLiechtensteinMonacoKosovoMoldovaMaltaMacedoniaArmenia10 poorest by GDP per capita:MoldovaArmeniaGeorgiaKosovoUkraineAlbaniaBosnia and HerzegovinaAzerbaijanMacedoniaSerbia

Which is the most popular football club in Europe?

Manchester United Manchester United

Which Europe football club have never been relegated before?

I can only think of Arsenal.

Which country is now Western Europe's poorest country?

By GDP, San Marino is Europe's poorest country, producing only US$2,046,000,000 annually. By GDP per capita, Moldova is Europe's poorest country, in which its citizens earn only US$2,000 annually.

What is the poorest nation of eastern Europe?


One of the poorest nations in Europe is?