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It derives from Old Northern French "viquet" and means a small door or gate.

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Q: Which is the orgin of the word wicket used in cricket?
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What is the path on which cricket is played called?

That's the cricket "pitch", my friend. Often, confusingly for Americans, it's called the "wicket". The word "wicket" occurs with different meanings in the game of cricket and it's best to call the "path" the "pitch". There are also rather slangy words used such as the "track". I call it the "pitch", because that's the "proper" word for it.

Who found the wicket in cricket?

The wicket is a part of the game it maA number of words are thought to be possible sources for the term "cricket". In the earliest known reference to the sport in 1598 (see below), it is called creckett. The name may have been derived from the Middle Dutch krick(-e), meaning a stick; or the Old English criccor crycemeaning a crutch or staf Another possible source is the Middle Dutch word krickstoel, meaning a long low stool used for kneeling inchurch and which resembled the long low wicket with two stumps used in early cricket.ybe founded by the person who made cricket

How many syllables are in the word wicket?

The word wicket has two syllables. (Wick-et)

What is abstract noun for wicket?

The noun 'wicket' is a word for a physical thing, there is no abstract form for the word. However, the noun 'wicket' has an abstract use as in the informal term 'sticky wicket', a word for a difficult or awkward situation.

Is wicket a common noun?

Yes, the noun 'wicket' is a common noun, a general word for a small gate, door, or window; a general word for a piece of sporting equipment through a ball is rolled; a word for any wicket of any kind.

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