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Wimbledon FC were elected to the Football League (Division 4) in 1977 having won the old Southern League three years in a row and reached the 1st Division in 1986. In 1992 they were founder members of the Premier League.

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Q: Which is the only team to have played in premier league division 12 3 and 4?
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Who is the only player to have won the premier league division 1 and division 2 played in the championship league final the fa cup final and the European cup final?

Teddy Sheringham.

What team has never played in the English premier league?

Several teams have not played in the Premier League. Notts County are the only team that agreed to the formation of the Premier League that have not played in it as they were relegated at the end of the 1991-92 season.

Who is the only player to have played in the champions league premier league league 1 league 2 and conference?

Lampard Lampard

Which premier league players have only played for one club?

Ryan Giggs

Liverpool how many time they won premier league?

Liverpool have not yet won the premier league there have only been 4 teams that have Blackburn, Man U, Chelsea, and Arsenal. Liverpools 18 titles were when the top division was known as Division 1

Are there any managers in the premier league that were not profesionals?

No. To the best of my knowledge, Jose The Special One Mourinho is the only ever Premier League manager not to have played professionally.

Which current premier league player is the only player to have won the champions league uefa cup premier league and fa cup and also been relegated from the premier league?

It is the Nigerian striker Kanu, who played for Ajax, Arsenal, InterMilanand Portsmouth.

How many times have Liverpool won the premier league?

The Premier League was formed in 1992, since then only four teams have won itMan Utd: 12Chelsea: 3Arsenal: 3Blackburn: 1Liverpool have never won the Premier League Title, they have however won the First Division 18 times, which would be the older version of the Premier League as it is now constituted.

How many years man utd played in top division?

only about 30 years or so they only have been in the premier league ever since it started like Arsenal,Liverpool,everton and Aston villa

Who is the only player to play in the premier league then non league then back to premier league in the same season?


What teams in championship have never been in premier or first division?

Only one: Peterborough. Three others have been in the top flight but never in the Premier League: Cardiff, Huddersfield and Millwall.

Who is the only player to have played in all three of the lower divisions the premier league the champions league and the world cup?

Steve finnan

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