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Knights, also called horses

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Q: Which is the only piece able to jump over other pieces in chess game?
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Can the same color chess piece jump over each other?

The Knight technically does not 'jump' but it appears to be able to 'jump' over pieces of its own color as well as pieces of its opponent's color. The other pieces of the same color cannot jump over each other. Neither can the other pieces jump over an opponent's piece.

In chess what is the only piece is able to jump over other pieces?

The only piece that can jump over other pieces is the knight (the horse). It might also be helpful to review the rules on castling as the king appears to jump its own rook (castle) in this move.

Can your king kill other pieces in chess?

Yes, your king is able to capture other pieces only if they are unprotected by your opponent.

How do you capture an opponent's pieces in chess?

A piece may be captured in chess if it is on a square one of your pieces can move to. You will not be able to move through a piece that may be captured, but you can move passed it with a knight. Also, the king cannot be captured; nor can it capture a piece under the protection of another.

Who is the queen in chess?

The piece to the left of the king at the start of the game. Can move diagonally, horizontally, and vertically. Is not able to jump over pieces.

In chess if you are able to capture a piece can you choose whether to take it or not?

You do not have to take someone's piece if you choose not to.

Can you jump your own piece with a king in a game of checkers?

Only the knights are able to jump over another chess piece. The king can only move one square at a time.

What three conditions are necessary to turn check to checkmate?

In chess, in order for a check to be a checkmate, there are three specific conditions: 1) The king must not be able to move out of check. 2) The attacking piece must not be capture-able. 3) No pieces must be able to block the check.

Can a knight hop over enemy pieces in chess?

Knights are able to move in an 'L' shape direction, so yes, it is possible for them to jump over enemy's pieces.

Can I always choose which pawn to move?

When playing chess, you can move any piece you chose - within the rules. Obviously, any piece you move has to be able to make a legal move. Also, if you are in check, your next move must bring you out of check. This means your choice of next moves and which pieces to move is severly restricted. You can also never move a piece in such a way that it puts your king in check.

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