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Haha, well there is a lot of debate over which sport is the most demanding.

Different people look at different aspects and consider other physical characteristics. For example, some sports may rely more on the cardiovascular system and VO2 max and such, while other sports may not rely heavily on the cardiovascular, but more on speed, agility, strength, durability, etc. All of these aspects place demand on the body.

However, with consideration to all of these multi-factorial physical demands of various sports a list of the top 10 demanding sports can be put together.

1. MMA/Wrestling

2. American Football

3. Rugby/Rugby League

4. Ice Hockey

5. Lacrosse

6. Soccer

7. Basketball

8. Rowing

9. Tennis

10. Swimming

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Any event that 400 meters or longer. Most people consider the 800,steeplechase or 400 meter hurdles to be the most difficult race.

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Q: Which is the most time consuming athletics event?
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