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Q: Which is the most famous place for playing tennis in the world?
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Best place for tennis in the world?

England is the best place for tennis.

Which is the most famous tennis tournament in the world?


Where does tennis take place?

Tennis is taken part on a tennis court in areas all around the world.

Why is Serena Williams famous?

Serena Williams is famous for her skills in tennis ball Serena Williams is famous because she is one of the best female tennis players in the world.

When did arthur ashe start playing tennis?

Arthur Ashe started playing tennis professionally in 1970 and he retired in 1980. He was an American World No. 1 professional tennis player.

Who is the most famous tennis player in the world presently?

Maria Sharapova

What was althea Gibson famous for when she was alive?

She was the first African American woman to be a competitor in the world tennis tournament. She was also the first woman to win the Grand Slam award for her tennis-playing sucess. She also wrote an autobiograpy called "Nothing But Trouble." :)

Who is Claire Wilson?

she's the world famous 13 year old tennis star :)

When did Tatiana Golovin start playing tennis?

Tatiana Golovin started playing tennis as a pro in 2002. She is known ofr her forehand shot and the highest ranking in the world for her has been 12th.

What most famous tennis tournament in the world?

Four major tennis tournaments... the US open, the Austrailian open, the French open, and Wimbledon.

What is Lleyton Hewitt famous for?

Lleyton Hewitt, an Australian tennis player, is famous for ranking World No. 1 at age 20, making him the youngest male tennis player to ever rank World No. 1. He has competed in various tournaments as well.

Who was the winner of the Roland Garros in 2009?

The Roland Garrows, or the French Open, was won in 2009 by Andy Murry. Andy is a famous tennis player that is still playing in competitions around the world today.

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