Best Answer have the most money and in about 2 season's probably most expensive team but if its how i would rate them now its between Liverpool man u barca r.Madrid and intermilan

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Q: Which is the most expensive football team in the world?
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Most expensive football team in the world?

Probably Barcelona or Real Madrid

What is most popular football team?

At The Moment The Most Popular Football Team In The World Is Manchester United

Which football team is the most decorated in the world?

Manchester United

Most hated football team in the world?

real madrid

What football team has most fans in the world?

Most likely the pittsburgh steelers

What is best name of football team in the world?

Barcelona and Real Madridthe most expensive one is Manchester United, UK, of course then there are Ajax (Amsterdam) and Feyenoord (Rotterdam) these are in Holland.

What team sport has most world wide participation?

football is the most supported sport inthe world

What college has the most expensive football helmet paint?

I wanna say Penn state the entire team has Ions

Which football team has won the most league titles in the world?


Which world cup football team has the most number of fans?


Who is the most successful team in the world?

Glasgow Rangers Football Club

Which team won the most entertaining team award at 2010 football world cup?

It was Spain.