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PGA Golf has the longest season. It is active 93% of the year.

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Q: Which is the longest pro sports season?
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What pro sports team has the longest season?

Any team in the MLB

What sport has the longest season?

Hockey has the longest pro season

Who has the longest tenure coach in pro sports?

Greg Popovich

Which pro sports team has the longest season ticket wait list?

The Philadelphia Eagles have the longest wait list at 4,000 years and 75,000 fans. This study was done by forbes. 2. Packers - 100years 3. Redskins - 20-25years

Longest contract in pro sports?

Mike Krzyzewski has a "lifetime" contract. He has the option to coach for duration of his choosing.

Why is summer the longest season?

Summer is the longest season because it has the longest daylight hours.

What college sports team has the longest season ticket wait list?

Swim season. Swimming begin when fall semester starts, and ends in late March with the national championships.

What pro sports team to not have a logo?

every pro sports team has a logo

What is Vermonts pro sports team?

Vermont doesn't have a pro sports team

When was Pro-Am Sports System created?

Pro-Am Sports System was created in 1984.

When did Pro-Am Sports System end?

Pro-Am Sports System ended in 1997.

What state has the longest pheasant season?

Which state has the longest pheasant season?

Who has the longest tenure in sports radio?

Don Criqui has the longest tenure in sports radio.

Are pro or college sports watched more?

College sports are typically more watched than pro sports. This is because there are a lot of college sports fans.

What pro sports have guaranteed contracts?

All pro sports except for football have guaranteed contracts.

Who has gone pro in the most sports?

Out of men and women, men have gone pro in the most sports.

Should a rookie salary be enforce in pro sports?

yes it should be enforced in pro sports

How do you use the word stadium in a sentence?

Many pro sports teams play their sports games in stadiums with commercial names.I hope the new stadium will be finished before the football season starts.

Should there should be an age limit for pro sports?

There should not be an age limit to play pro sports.

First pro sports team in new york?

The first pro sports team in NY were the Yankees

Can you play college sports after you played pro sports?


What is the top 10 longest streak of losing seasons in professional sports?

Well i don't know 10 but i know 1 the nets had a bad season in 2010 =(

Which is the longest season?


What the difference between Pro Bowl and All Pro?

An all-pro is a player who is determined to be the best at their position as voted on by a selected panel of sports writers.A pro-bowl player is a player who appears in the pro bowl at the end of the season. To determine the pro-bowl roster there are three sets of voters each set of voters gets an equal say in the pro-bowl roster. The three sets of voters are: the fans, the players, and the coaches.

Current consecutive playoff apeareances by a pro sports team?

The Detroit Red Wings just made their 19th straight appearance in the NHL playoffs, if you're wondering who hold the longest strreak