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The best Fencing weapon would usually be the sword.

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Q: Which is the best fencing weapon?
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Related questions

What is a fencing blade?

a fencing blade is the weapon in which they use in fencing.

Which fencing weapon has a 4 sided blade?

no fencing weapon has 4 sided blades.

Heavest fencing sward?

The largest and heaviest Fencing weapon is the Epee

Another name for fencing sword?

The sport of fencing uses three different swords - * Foil - a light thrusting weapon; * Épée - a heavy thrusting weapon; * Sabre - a light cutting and thrusting weapon;

What is a training sword called in fencing?

The weapon used for training in the fencing duel era was called the foil (fleur). It is still used as one of the 3 weapons for fencing today, although it has never historically been a real weapon used for combat. There isn't a training sword in fencing. Originally the foil (see above) before the sport fencing - like we know it now - exsisted. Now you choose a weapon (like the foil) and train with that. So in fencing there is no training sword.

What does Sabre mean?

A sabre is a weapon used by the American Revolution. It is also a weapon used in Fencing.

What weapon did Zoro use?

I believe it was a fencing rapier.

What weapon are used in fencing?

Sun crossword :- Epee

Which is the best definition of the term foil?

'Foil' has 3 meanings - to fool somebody, a very thin sheet of metal, or a practice weapon in fencing.

What are the three weapon used in fencing?

foil, epee, and Sabre

What is the lightest weapon used in Olympic fencing competition?

Foil I believe

Which Olympic sport uses a 'sabre' weapon?

That would be Sabre fencing.

In electric fencing what defines the target area?

The target area depends on the weapon that you are using. If you are fencing Epee, the target area is your opponent's entire body. If you are fencing Saber, the target area is your opponent's body from the waist up. If you are fencing the third and final weapon, Foil, the target area is simply your opponent's torso. This excludes their legs, arms, and head, limiting it to the chest and stomach region.

What do you wear in fencing?

It depends on what weapon you're fencing, and whether you're fencing dry or electrics. Typically when fencing dry, you wear a jacket, mask, glove, chest protector, underarm protector, and knickers, for any weapon. When fencing electrics, as you would in a tournament, you would add to that a body cord and a lame for foil and saber, or just a body cord for epee. The saber lame has full sleeves, while the foil lame is like a vest. In saber, you also have an electric mask and mask clip.

Is there sports memorabilia that has to do with fencing?

There are a lot of kinds of sports memorabilia that has to do with fencing. One of the best sports memorabilia that has to do with fencing is baseball.

What is the coolest fencing weapon?

It really depends on your definition of "cool". Saber is easily the most entertaining weapon for a non-fencer to watch, but each have their pros and cons.

What is the fencers weapon?

Fencing has three weapons and a fencer will specialize in one of them. They are the Epee, the Foil, and the Sabre.

What are the differences between the equipment used in fencing?

if you mean swords alot there are three swords of moddern fencing. FOIL SABRE EPEE Foil is a stabbing weapon that the target is the torso it was used as a training weapon for epee in the 18 hundreds. Sabre is a cuting weapon that the target is the waist up. it is the only cutting weapon in fencing today Sabre is faster weapon than foil and epee and is more attacking than defending. Epee is a stabbing weapon that the target is all of the body.epee has no right of way so who ever hits first gets the point.

Where is the best deal for composite fencing?

Lowes has the best deal around on composite fencing. They do not have the largest selection, but they make up for it in price. Composite fencing has different maintenance levels based on brands. Timbertech and Trex are the brand leaders in the composite fencing industry.

What word for Olympic weapon that starts with an E and is a 4 letter word?

Epee - a sword used in fencing.

What kind of weapon is a foil?

Foil refers to a type of sword. It's the type sword used in Fencing.

What is fable 2s best weapon?

the best ranged weapon would be the enforcer, and the the best mele weapon i think is the legendary weapon the Diatchi

What is the best material to use for new fencing?

There are many different materials to use for ranch fencing depending on what type of animals you are trying to contain. Two options are wire fencing and split rail fencing.

Did the French Revolution affect the French grip on a fencing weapon?

No, the French grip remains unaffected by the French Revolution.

Who is the best fencing player?