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Pee Wee is the smallest. From largest to smallest it goes: Full 14+, Youth 11-14, Junior 7-10, Pee Wee 3-6.

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Q: Which is smaller pee wee size football or youth size?
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What size is a youth football?

In my league (Sierra Youth Football & Cheer): Mighty Mites: pee wee size football Jr Pee Wee: junior size football Pee Wee: junior size football Jr Midget: youth size football Midget: youth size football

What size football for jr pee wee?

youth m,l,xl,and adult samll

What football size is bigger tdj or pee wee size 6?


Where to buy a leather Pee Wee size football?

A leather Pee Wee size football can be bought from the website of Wilson. It is also available at Amazon and Dicks Sporting Goods.

What is size of official pee wee football?

the size for jounier all-american football(jaaf) is an 11 inch ball

How big is a youth football?

Youth footballs come in a number of have Pee Wee, Jr, Youth, Official Sizes football. PW is generally FLAG Football (4/5 yr old). Jr (5-8), Yth (9-14), Official (15+).

What is the size difference between a junior and youth size football?

Junior size footballs are basically recommended for ages 10 - 12, while youth is recommended for ages 12 - 14. There is also pee wee size for ages 9 and under, and official size for 14 and up. There is also a certain weight for each size. Youth is slightly longer and wider than the junior football. If you are going to buy a football, go to a sporting goods store like Big 5, or Dick's. Nike footballs are good. Other brands include: Wilson, Under Armour, and Franklin. (Nike footballs are personally the best looking, best grip, most durable, and sell for a great price.)

What is the size of a pee wee football field?

it is 120 yards counting in zones

Is pee wee football safe?

it depends on how old you are and your size. if you are small, it can be really dangerous

What is the official football size?

Football have all different "official" sizes depending on the level of play you're playing at. There is a PEE WEE size ball. And they go all the way up to an NFL "Official" Size ball. Call XO for more details

What Pop Warner football is bigger Pee Wee or junior?

Pee Wee in slightly bigger than junior football in pop warner

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How do i get a wawasee pee wee football schedule?

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What sizes can you get footballs in?

Pee-wee, Junior, Youth, High School Offical, College, and Professional.

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No you don't know dick about football if your 13.

Did Michael Vick play pee wee football?

yes i love nfl football so thats how i know

What are the release dates for Soft Knocks Training Camp with Pee Wee Football - 2011?

Soft Knocks Training Camp with Pee Wee Football - 2011 was released on: USA: 12 September 2011

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2 feet long 6 1 foot wide