Which is older CFL OR NFL?

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In one sense the National Football League (NFL), which was founded in 1920, can make a claim to be older than the Canadian Football League (CFL). However, it is arguable that the present NFL can only date its current existence back to the amalgamation with the American Football League which took place in 1970.

The CFL was created in 1958. However, the CFL can trace its existence back to 1884 when the Canadian Rugby Football Union (CRFU) was established. The CRFU was reorganized as the Canadian Rugby Union (CRU) in 1891. The CFL can trace its history directly back to 1884 and the CRFU.

The CFL was also an amalgamation of two leagues: the Interprovincial Rugby Football Union (IRFU) which was formed in 1907, and the Western Interprovincial Football Union (WIFU) which was formed in 1936. The WIFU was the successor to the Western Canada Rugby Football Union (WCRFU) which had been formed in 1911. Both the IRFU and the WCRFU predate the NFL.

[Note to football historians: The IRFU was much better known by its nickname, "The Big Four."]

The CRU was Canadian football's governing body. Both the IRFU and the WIFU were long standing members of the CRU. The CRU was instrumental in creating the CFL.

Two of the original IRFU teams, Hamilton Tigers and Toronto Argonauts, predate the IRFU by many years. The Hamilton Foot Ball Club was formed in 1868. Through amalgamations with other Hamilton football teams, it became today's Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The Toronto Argonaut Football Club, formed in 1873, is the same Toronto Argonaut Football Club presently in the CFL. (The Toronto Argonauts are the oldest professional football franchise in North America, older even than the Chicago/St Louis/Phoenix Cardinals.) Today's Saskatchewan Roughriders and Winnipeg Blue Bombers were original WIFU and CFL teams.

The Grey Cup, the trophy awarded annually to the champions of the CFL, was first awarded to the 1909 Canadian football champions.

The very first game of North American football was played in Toronto.

Therefore, it is clear that Canadian football is older than the game presently played in the USA, and that the roots of the present CFL go back much farther than the roots of the NFL.

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Q: Which is older CFL OR NFL?
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