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The most valuable piece in Chess is the King whose capture is the goal of the game itself . The pawn = 1 point , the knight = 3 points , the bishop = 3 , the rook = 5 points and the queen is worth 9 points .

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Q: Which is most valuable in chess?
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Is chess a valuable game to play?


Who is called the Queen of the Chess Board?

The queen is the most valuable piece after the king and can move veritcally, horizontally and diagonaly

What are the most important pieces in a chess game?

Each of the chess pieces are important to the game of chess but the most valuable is , of course , the king . The queen , rooks , bishops and knights are also important to the game .Each of these chess pieces have an assigned value :King-invaluableQueen-9Rook-5Knight and Bishop-3Pawn-1

Which country has the most chess championships?

India has the most chess champions.

Who is known as the king of chess?

The 'king' is the tallest and the 'most valuable' piece in chess--when the king is trapped, the game is over. Both sides have one king each, and it is the only back-rank piece that a pawn cannot be promoted.

Which is the most powerful coin in chess?

Chess is not played with coins. Hovever, the most powerful chess piece is the Queen.

What is the most powerful chess pieces?

The Queen would be the most powerful piece in Chess whereas the most important chess piece would be the King .

What is the most powerful chess piece?

The Queen would be the most powerful piece in chess whereas the most important chess piece would be the King .

List the most valuable stone to least most valuable?

Most valuable: Diamond Least valuable: Gravel

What are the most common chess pieces on the chess board?

Pawns .

Which chess piece has the most pieces?

Chess pieces are often said to value a certain number of pawns. Pawns are worth 1 Knights and bishops are worth 3 Rooks are worth 5 Queens are worth 8 Thus making queens the most valuable piece when it comes to exchanges. Of course, every position is different, and this is only a basic rule of thumb. Also, the most valuable piece is still not the queen, but the king. A good chess player would be willing to sacrifice every piece he has to save the king.

What is the comparative and superlative valuable?

more valuable, most valuable

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