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Most Winningest Driver

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Q: Which is gramatically correct Most Winning Driver or Most Winningest Driver?
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Who is the winningest auto race driver?

Michael Schumacher

Who is the winningest driver at charlotte of all time?

David Pearson

Who is the winningest driver in all forms of motor sports?

don't know if he is the winningest driver, but John Force just won his 16th NHRA Funny Car championship. That's got to be close.

Who is the most winningest Nascar driver of all time?

Richard Petty with 200 wins

Who has the most NASCAR wins?

Richard Petty has 200 wins.Actually it depends on what you mean by NASCAR. If you mean in the top series (Winston Cup, Nextel Cup, and now Sprint Cup) then Richard Petty has the most with 200 wins. If you mean out of all the divisions in and outside of NASCAR then the person with the most wins is Dick Trickle. Richie Evans may be the all-time winningest NASCAR driver in all classes, though most of his wins were in modifieds.The all-time winningest driver in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is Richard Petty, but Jeff Gordon is the winningest currentdriver in that series. Kyle Busch is the winningest driver in the Nationwide Series (also a current driver). Ron Hornaday is the winningest driver in the Nascar Truck Series (also a current driver).

Who is the least winningest NASCAR driver?

Sam Hornish Jr., Casey Mears, Kerry Earnhardt, Brad Coleman, Reed Sorenson.

How much is a NASCAR driver's salary?

It all depends on how many races a driver is winning and the sponsor's that they have.

Who is the winningest driver at Darlington of all time?

I believe that David Pearson(1970-80's) and Earnhardt Sr. both have 10 wins there.

Can the winning driver of a NASCAR stand on the roof?

no, you will be strip of the win

How do you set correct temperature on driver information center?

It is correct,

What is a sentence using the word driver?

He was the driver of the winning stock car. He used the driver to make the golf shot. He called the driver of the limousine to pick him up.

How much does an F1 driver get paid for winning the championship?

$50,000,000 USD

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