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Of course. Exercise is when you get your body moving.

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A magazine article explaining how to use soccer to get in shape.

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Q: Which is good evidence for the claim that soccer is good exercise?
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Are soccer camps good exercise for someone overweight?

Soccer Camps are great exercise for someone who is overweight. Soccer is a very active sport in which you are always moving and running. The only position that doesn't really get any exercise is the goalie.

Why is soccer the best sport in the world?

it is really fun and is good exercise

What are the benefits children receive when playing soccer?

Exercise, teamwork, exercise, hand ey coordination, & exercise. Any sport is good for children.

What are the requirements for a cer?

A good claim that states your opinion/fact, strong evidence that supports your claim, and reasoning that shows a link between the claim and evidence. The most important parts, in my opinion, are the reasoning and evidence, but the claim is important too. After all, the claim is the base. The evidence is the top, and the reasoning is all the details that make it interesting and worthy of of attention.

What is the purpose of soccer?

To exercise your leg muscles, stay fit and have a good time.

What are the benefits of starting the soccer at the age of 9?

At 9 years old you can become a good soccer player.

What statement about historical claims is correct?

A good claim is supported by many pieces of reliable evidence.

What evidence does the author of Mozart Matters offer that Don Campbell claim that listening to Mozart music is good for you?


How do you exercise without a trampoline?

There are lots of ways to exercise. You can walk,play tennis,swim,soccer,aerobic exercise, play with your dog,play tag with your kids,play basketball,jog,dancing. Stretching, your body is also good.

How do you avoid fallacies in a thesis statement?

Do not use a strong or ridiculous claim that you can not support with evidence. Always use a good premises relevant to your thesis. By using supporting evidence you will avoid fallacies.

Is South Korea good at soccer?

Korea is not good at soccer

Is soccer an anaerobic exercise?

Yes! soccer is a vigorous activity, its not easy to play a full 90 minute match. It takes time and dedication to actually play good for that amount of time.