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Minneapolis is slightly further north. Latitude of 45.9778 Green Bay is 45.55

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Q: Which is further north Minneapolis or Green Bay?
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What city is further north Minneapolis or green bay?

it minneapolis

What NFL cities are farther north than green bay?

Seattle, WA and Minneapolis, MN are both further north than Green Bay, WI.

What is the distance from Minneapolis to Green Bay?

114 Miles.

What is the distance from Minneapolis MN to North Bay ON?

about 835 miles

What is the distance from Minneapolis minn to green bay wis?

look on mapquest or 260

In what direction do you fly from Minneapolis Minnesota to Green Bay Wisconsin?

East is the direction of a flight from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Green Bay, Wisconsin. The total distance is 260 miles. So the equivalent in kilometers is 418, and 226 in nautical miles.

Which huge bay is north of Canada's Ontario province?

Green Baygreen bay

Which is further north Halifax or Goose Bay?

Goose Bay is further north than Halifax. Goose Bay is located in Newfoundland and Labrador, while Halifax is in Nova Scotia.

What state are the green brae packers from?

The Green Bay Packers are from Wisconsin. It's north of Illinois and east of Minnesota.

What do green bay and Wisconsin have in common?

They are both north of Illinois. Green Bay is a city in the state of Wisconsin.

What continent is Green Bay in?

North America

What continent is the green bay in?

North America