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The ltr is faster but not as reliable as the trx.. The trx 450 is the slowest in speed out of all the 450s.

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Q: Which is faster ltr 450 or trx 450?
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What is better trx 450 or an ltr 450?

The LTR 450 is a better bike than the TRX 450 when compared together. The LTR handles way better and has a better power delivery system making it run smoothly.

Suzuki ltr 450 vs Honda 450r how wins?

trx wins.

Trx 450 vs yfz 450?

YFZ 450 is alot faster

Which is the fastest yfz 450 or trx 450?

The Yfz is alot faster and more agresive but the trx it more reliable

Is a trx 450 faster than a yfz 450?

a yfz450 and a trx450 stock a yfz all day but you an upgrade both and a trx will probally win because it has more upgrades to buy Is a trx 450 faster than a yfz 450? never a yfz 450 has higher performance parts

How fast is the suzuki ltr 450?

The ltr 450 with stock gearing is 87 mph, much faster than other atv's.

Is a Raptor 700 faster then a Honda TRX 450 R?

If you are going by top speed, just barely. Raptor 76 mph to TRX 450 73 mph.

Which is faster Polaris outlaw 525 or Honda trx 450r?

Definitely the Polaris 525, Honda Trx 450 are slow compared to them. A stock Polaris 525 wins a piped trx 450 by a small margin.

What goes faster the Suzuki LTR 450 or the Honda TRX700xx?

my Honda trx700xx will run 85 mph and my friends suzuki ltr 450 will run 79 mph so the Honda is faster it all depends on the stock gearing. i got my ltr up to 87mph

What is better ltr 450 or trx 450?

I will admit the trx450r has a little more power but the ltr450 is way more ballanced than the Honda. They both have a lot of after market parts to help out with power and ballance so really i think it is a close call. But i think the Honda is better for the trail and the suzuki is better for the track. I will admit that the ltr will kills the trx in all ways. the power difference is huge ltr is way better in that aspect

What is faster a Raptor 700 or a LTR 450?

The LTR 450 will get the Raptor off the line and has better suspension, but it doesnt have what it takes to beat the Raptor 700 in a flat out drag race.

Do they make cherry bombs for a 2007 Honda TRX 450er?

If you are talking about the EFI remapper that the LTR-450 made popular, no the Honda 450R won't use it since it is carbureted.

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