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F1 is the fastest circuit racing in the world.

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Q: Which is faster lmp1 or f1?
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Is the Audi r10 an f1 car?

The R10 is not an F1 car. It is actually the Le Mans entry for Audi under the LMP1 class of vehicle. This is a Diesel entry and has seen a high degree of success in recent years. Hope this helps!

Which is faster a mclaren f1 or a Ferrari f1 car?

Ferrari f1 because Ferrari f1 is faster than McLaren f1 Ferrari f1 has more mph (miles per hour) than McLaren f1 and Ferrari f1 has way more better aerodynamics than McLaren f1

Which is faster Mclaren f1 lm or Panoz gtr 1?

McLaren F1 LM

Which car is faster a Bugatti or a Mclaren F1?

Veyron SS I faster

Is a v8 faster than an f1?


Is a skyline faster then a mclaren f1?


Is the Mclaren F1 faster then the Lamborghini aventador?


Is an f1 faster than a bugatti veyron?

No. F1 are slowest than a Veyron but accelerate quicker. However, F1 cars are electronically limited.

Is veyron faster then a mclaren f1?

Bugatti veyron is not as fast as the macleren f1

Is the mclaren f1 faster than a mercialago?


What is faster a McLaren F1 or a Lamborghini Murcielago?

The McLaren

What is faster F1 or MotoGP?

Motogp bikes accelarate faster, and would win on a quarter mile

What faster a saleen S7 or a mclaren F1?

think its mclaren

Are f1 cars faster than Indy cars?


Is a McLaren F1 faster than Lamborghini Countach?


Is a bug faster then a cheetah?

only if the bug is driving a F1

Does a McLaren f1 go faster then a Lamborghini?

Because it is lighter, yes

In f1 racing which color flag is waived when a faster car passes?

A blue flag is waved to inform you that a faster car is coming up to lap you.

Is formula 1 faster than heavy bike?

F1 cars are significantly faster than a MotoGP round a track

How fast can a Mclaren f1 go with nitrous?

There is nobody which have prooven it, and I dont think it will be prooved either, I think that you couldn't make cars like the McLaren F1 go faster with nitrous, you will just ruin the engine.

What is faster an A1 GP car or a formula 1 car?

The A1 GP uses technology based on F1 cars. Rules state that A1 GP cars must weigh 700kg dry and usually make 540bhp or 600bhp for short periods of time. F1 cars weigh 605kg wet and make up to 780bhp. A Honda F1 car with it's aerodynamic effects adjusted for top speed, managed to hit 415km/h(258mph) in the Mojave desert. Based on known statistics, the F1 car will accelerate fast, brake faster and turn faster and in all likelihood have a higher top speed

What is the world's fastest motorsport?

F1 is the world's fastest motorsport. Sorry, I am a big F1 fan and would love to agree but Air Racing, both Reno style and Red Bull Air Races are faster.

Is a v8 super car faster than an f1 car?

The V8 Supercar features a 600bhp 5.0 litre motor and runs on huge slicks, while the F1 car is half its weight and generates an extra 150bhp from its 2.4 litre V8. The result is as predictable as it could possibly be, and we have seen this style of race a few times before. So yes an f1 is faster than a v8, sorry if your a little disappointed but the max bph on a f1 is mainly 750bph with the extra boost it all adds up to 900bph, in that case it would out run the v8.

Is bugatti veyron faster than MClarenf1?

It is faster than a Mclaren F1. A mclaren goes 240mph and a veyron goes 253mph. It also is more powerful and has a quicker 0-60 accelaration. It is also a hell of a lot more expensive.the mclaren f1 is capable of producing 600 horsepower it goes 0-60 in just three seconds.....

What is faster around a track a Moto GP bike or a Formula 1 car?

although the bike has a higher top speed and pulls away faster the F1 car has more traction for cornering and braking. Making the car faster around a track