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on top speed, the Raptor

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โˆ™ 2009-03-13 05:47:06
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Q: Which is faster cr125 or Raptor 660?
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Which is faster yz85 or 660 raptor?

off course the 660 is faster

What is faster raptor 660 or yfz 450?

the Yamaha yfz 450 is faster than the raptor 660. the yfz blows by it all day

What is faster 700 raptor or 660 raptor?

Of course the 700 is faster than the 660 because the 700 is about 686cc and a lot of top end torque and HP and the 660 is about 600cc

Which is faster 660 raptor or Honda cr 85 both stock?


A banshee is more faster than the raptor 660?

pshh a snail is faster

Which is faster TRX 450 or Raptor 660?

the Raptor by far :) the raptor has a far greater top end speed as well, a stock 660 will just about be beaten by a stock yfz450, but add mods and your sweet. far faster than trx450

What is faster a raptor 660 or the suzuki 450?

the raptor 660 is much much stronger and faster than the suzuki 450 or any other bike out their the 660 is the best quad out their but suzuki 450 sucks the best raptor in the world is the one a guy has in tecate in the Bella vista and worst bike out their is in the artiega ranch

Is the kfx 450 faster than the 660 raptor?

lord the raptor will kill the kfx 450r i have raced them both and they are both fast but the raptor is the 1

What is the horsepower of a raptor 660?

The Yamaha Raptor 660 stock has 43hp.

What can make a 660 raptor go faster?

shift it and squeeze the throtle ya panzy

How fast can a 660 raptor go?

an 01 raptor 660 is a H E L L of alot faster than a 05 polaris predator 500 troy lee adition

How many cylinders does a Raptor 660 have?

The Yamaha Raptor 660 is a single cylinder.

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