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rocket tech

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Q: Which is better the Anderson rocket tech fastpitch bat or the miken rain fastpitch bat?
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Where could one go to order Miken softball bats?

There are two main Miken websites that have softball bats for sale and they are Miken Sports and Miken Bat Store. Alternatively, Miken bats are widely stocked in most good sports shops or can be purchased online at Amazon.

Is the miken mv-1 supermax slowpitch bat asa approved?

The miken mv1 is NOT ASA approved. If you are looking for any ASA bat I would try the miken super freak 98. Oh and try Kelly's ultimate sports. They always have good deals. Just give them a call. When you talk to them they give you a better deal then online. Thanks Nick

Is the miken freak 98 asa leagal bat?


What is the best usssa softball bat?

2009 miken superfreak

What is the best fastpitch softball bat for 2010?

miken rain...i have one it may not seem so great at first,but that's because you have to break it in The real answer - it depends - are you a slapper, a power hitter, do you have slow bat speed or fast bat speed. The answers may be balanced, end-loaded, light drops (-11, -12). There is a great site - - that reviews the Best Fastpitch Softball Bats. It also provides reviews from Players, Coaches and Parents. Also provides Top Rankings of Fastpitch Bats in several categories - Slappers, Power Hitters, Balanced, End-Loaded, Team Bats (8U, 10U, 12U), Composite and Non-Composites. Also, info on selection and care of Fastpitch Softball Bats: The Coach has updated his website for 2013 - over 75 bats reviewed with 1,600+ reviews from Players, Parents and Coaches along with The Coach's Review. Read more: What is the best bat to use in fastpitch softball

Is plasma fusion a good baseball bat?

No. The "Miken Freak" is the best bat in the world.

Is the Miken maniac e-flex 700 softball bat good to use in a single wall softball bat league?

From my experience miken does not make a single wall bat although the maniac is an alloy it's still multi wall

What brand of an aluminum bat can hit a baseball the farthest?

The Miken Freak is by far the best bat.

Where can one purchase a Miken Freak?

A Miken Freak can be purchased from many of the larger sports equipment stores. If one knows the size, weight, model, ect. then a smaller, locally owned sporting goods store should be able to help as well.

How do you take a end caps off a miken dc41 softball bat?

Don't do it, it will no longer pass league inspection.

Is the miken model T22c6 bat a double wall?

No it is not a double wall.. The T22C6 is a composite bat with a Titanium inner sleeve. And they are super hot...

What are some brands of softball bats?

some brands of softball bats are Demarini, Worth, Nike, Synergy, Miken, Rocketech, Halo, Bustos, Eastons

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