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i would say the easton omen i have it and another boy on my team has a CF4 it has no pop. EASTON OMEN

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Q: Which is better the 2011 easton omen or 2011 demarini cf4?
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What is better an easton omen 12 or a dimarini cf4 11?

I would definitaly say the easton omen over the demarini cf4 1 because it has a lot more pop and is lighter and 2 it is not as expensive. Definitely get the easton omen over the demarini cf4.

What is the difference betueen the red easton omen and the blue easton omen?

stealth is not a bbcor and the omen is

Which is better the easton speed or the easton omen?

The Easton Surge is way better, it has much better pop. It is way more long lasting, composite bats break easy, and they are going to ban composite bats as the omen in little league. They already banned company's bats in college and high school.

Which bat is betterThe Easton Omen or the Demarini CF4?

Well, the Easton Stealth is a fairly good bat; which as the CF3 is amazing. I have one and I hit bombs. The Stealth takes longer to break in, while the CF3 does not. But when the Stealth is broken in it's amazing too, but i would go with the CF3.

Should the Omen baseball bat be illegal?

The Omen should not be illegal, even if the people working with Little League decide to ban the Omen Easton would still have a legal composite bat: The S1. The easton company also sponsors Little League. So I think the Easton Omen should be legal.

Is the easton omen approved for senior league?


What is better the easton omen or the Combat b2 alloy both are able to be used in little league?

It ultimately comes down to personal preference, as both the Easton Omen and Combat B2 Alloy are high-quality bats that meet little league regulations. Consider factors such as weight, balance, and grip comfort, and try out both bats if possible to see which one feels better for you.

Does the easton Xl1 have good pop?

The easton XL1 has incredible pop. and is especially recommended by power hitters, Its pop is so great, if your hitting the ball to the mid out field regularly with your old bat, youll be pulling balls over the fence easily. P.s. it is the new version of the easton omen and is very similar, and pretty much just as good as the easton omen.

Is the easton omen adult -3 BESR certified?

Two models are the BNC1 and BNC3.

When was The Omen Machine created?

The Omen Machine was created on 2011-08-16.

Did easton make an omen -5 senior league bat model bnc12xl that was not besr certified?

Yes... but very hard to find!

When is the final omen of the stars book coming out?

November 22, 2011