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FC Barcelona is better because they have the best players like: Messi who took the best player in the world 2 times and xavi also because he played from long time in Barcelona and still till now most of the fans like him. But Real Madrid is good because they have Ricardo Kaka and he is very good in playing!

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Q: Which is better real Madrid or fc Barcelona?
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With team is better Barcelona or real Madrid?

In reality it is FC Barcelona.

What team is better real Madrid or fc Barcelona?

Real Madrid cristianó ronadlo

Which team is better real Madrid cf or Barcelona fc?

barcelona bcs messi is there

Who is the best soccer team ever Barcelona or real Madrid?

Fc Barcelona is better because it has better stats

Is real Madrid cf better than Barcelona fc?

yes.because the GK is better and in barcelona there are not so good headers.

3 famous spanish soccer teams?

Real madrid, barcelona, valencia 1.Fc Barcelona 2. Real Madrid 3. Valencia fc

Who has more wins Real Madrid or Barcelona?

Total wins for FC Barcelona: 99. Total wins for Real Madrid: 101. Draws: 52. Goals for FC Barcelona: 413.

What does Spain have and rich in?

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid

Who is the best fc Barcelona or real Madrid?

Both are good but Real Madrid have more trophies.

Who won more times real Madrid or fc Barcelona?

Real Madrid

What is the beating record between Madrid and Barcelona in all competition?

Real madrid 11:1 FC Barcelona

What teams did FC Barcelona go against?

Real Madrid