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It depends on what you want. Here's a description of both:

American Cheerleader: More mainstream, often has articles about fashion and celebrities. More focused on high school and college Cheerleading, school spirit, and camp. I personally am not the hugest fan of AC because I am an Allstar cheerleader

IC: More hard core cheer. I feel like it has a greater variety of articles covering all aspects of cheerleading, not just school. Also does a special issue for Worlds

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Both Inside Cheerleading Magazine and American Cheerleading Magazine are reputable publications within the cheerleading community. The choice between the two would depend on your personal preferences regarding content, writing style, and features. It may be helpful to compare sample issues or reviews to determine which magazine aligns best with your interests and needs.

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Q: Which is better inside cheerleading magazine or American cheerleading magazine?
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