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Stainless steel is much better than galvanized for use as a zip-line.

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Will stainless steel react with galvanized steel?

It depends on the environments. If the two materials will be in contact with water or high humidity then you can have some corrosion on the galvanized steel.Stainless steel and galvanized steel can corrode. However, galvanized steel will corrode at a higher rate. Stainless steel is more corrosion resistant than galvanized steel, but in some circumstances it will also corrode.

What is the difference between stainless steel and galvanized steel?

Stainless Steel is an alloy of iron with at least 11-12% chromium. Galvanized steel is a steel with a layer of zinc deposited on the surface.

What steel from cars and trucks make good knives?

Stainless or galvanized steel

Is it okay to connect stainless steel to galvanized steel?

It depends on the environments. If the two materials will be in contact with water or high humidity then you can have some corrosion on the galvanized steel.

What is more reactive steel galvanized steel or stainless steel?

yes, stainless steel is more afective because of the molucules formed from the heat and the carbone hydrance in the iron

What is stronger stainless steel or galvanized steel?

Stainless and galvanised steel are just protected in different ways; any difference in strength depends on the thickness, quality, etc. of the steel itself.

Can stainless steel screws be safely used with galvanized connectors on pressure treated wood?

Yes. stainless steel screws are safe with any metal.

Do you need a dielectric fitting between stainless steel fittings and galvanized fittings?


Are stainless steel ovens any better than non stainless steel?

No, an oven being stainless steel does not make it work better than a non stainless steel version.

What is better stainless steel faucet or chrome faucet?

Stainless steel

What is better hypoallergenic or stainless steel for sensitive ears?

stainless steel

What metal is a sink made from?

Normally stainless steel. But cast iron coated with enamal and galvanized steel were also used.

Compare stainless steel on aluminum vs. galvanized steel on aluminum?

galvanised steel is a lot more safer....... if u go by the book.... it is upto 10 times stronger than stainless steel in aluminum

Is galvanized steel or PVC better for plumbing for a bathroom sink?

Galvanized steel is better for plumbing in a bathroom sink. It lasts a lot longer than PVC.

What material is the better conductor of heat cold stainless steel ceramic or plastic?

The better conductor is stainless steel.

Is stainless steel tougher than aluminum?

Stainless steel has better mechanical properties.

What is better quality chrome or stainless steel cook top?

stainless is better.

Why stainless steel is better then iron?

Stainless steel is stronger and retards rust unlike iron

Is galvanized steel wire better for fences then non-galvanized steel wire?

There's really no such thing as a steel wire fence without galvanising. An ungalvanized steel wire fence would rust the first time it rained. Therefore you'd rather have galvanized steel or another option. Yes, galvanized steel wire is better suited for fences instead of non-galvanized steel wire. The reason for this is that the galvanizationn process coats the steel with a zinc coating, making it rust-resistant in the presence of moisture.

Which is better 304 Stainless Steel or 202 Stainless Steel?

Cannot be determined without knowing application.

What kind of metals are used in showers?

Chrome, Brass, Stainless Steel, Galvanized (old pipes), Copper & Nickel.

Is aluminum a metal more resistant for outside weather then galvanized steel?

Galvanized steel is meant for the outside weather, and is better than aluminum itself.

What make steel stainless and what way is stainless steel better than pure iron in making cutlery?

"Stainless" means that it doesn't rust.

Where can you find 600mm stainless steel ladder cable tray?

In a shop

What cable is not subject to EMI electromagnetic interference and RFI Radio frequency interference?

-- galvanized steel cable -- dyed silk cable -- fiber-optic cable

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