Which is better bacelona or juventus?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Yes because Quagliarella is better than Van persie,Pirlo is better than,Rooney,Avidal is better than Javier Hernandez,Marchisio is better than Nani and chiellini is better than patrice evra , paul scohls and phill jones

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Of course Juventus because Omar Tuqan and Ahmadfourcats

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Q: Which is better bacelona or juventus?
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Chelsea had a better Goal Difference than Shakhtar, but they did not have as many points. Juventus had the same amount of points as Chelsea, but Chelsea had the inferior head-to-head record. (they tied and lost to juventus). Thus, Shakhtar and Juventus advanced, and Chelsea did not.

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