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I think the synergy is but i havent had a chance to use the stiff flex.

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Q: Which is better a easton stealth speed reg flex stiff flex or the synergy speed?
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Which is better the easton stealth speed or the cf5?

cf5 because i have the easton speed and it has no pop

Who makes the best catchers gear?

Easton Stealth or Stealth Speed The speed are the lightest with the most protection

Which is a better softball bat an Easton Stealth Speed or a Demarini Cf4?

the better bat would definitely be the easton stealth. the demarini cf4 is a good bat too but if the bat is hit on the wrong part of the bat, the ball will not go like it does on the easton. the stealth has a massive sweet spot/barrel and also has a lot more pop than the demarini.

Is the Easton Stealth Speed all composite?

no it is not it has a composite handle

Longest lasting catchers gear?

The Easton Stealth catchers gear is some of the best.The Stealth Speed catchers equipment is their top of the line, but any of the Stealth equipment would do.

Which is better the easton speed or the easton omen?

The Easton Surge is way better, it has much better pop. It is way more long lasting, composite bats break easy, and they are going to ban composite bats as the omen in little league. They already banned company's bats in college and high school.

Stealth speed or sv12?

Stealth speed it is impossible to get stingers enabling you to swing as hard as you can without worrying or hesitating thinking about where it hits

What helps the cheetah capture its food?

Stealth and speed.

How fast can the stealth fly?

Fast enough to do the job. The actual maximum speed of all stealth aircraft is classified. Like any aircraft, the speed will depend on many factors.

What are cats designed for?

Stealth, speed, and efficient killing of prey.

How fast is a stealth bomber at top speed?

The B-2 has a top speed of Mach 0.95

Whats is the registered speed for a 1991 dodge stealth?

160 mph