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AAA Wrestling is a billion times better than WWE, due to the fact that's where all the high flyers are at.

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Q: Which is better WWE or AAA wrestling?
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Is A AAA or AAA wrestling better?

aaa is better because its where all of the highflyers have been

Which wrestling is best WWE or tna?

WWE Is Better . . .

What happened to WWE wrestler Rey Mesterio?

Rey Mysterio's WWE contract expired in February of 2015, ending his 13 years with the company. He is currently wrestling with AAA, a lucha libre wrestling promotion based in Mexico.

What is better WWE or fotballsoccer?

WWE is better its alot more exciting and its more entertaining go with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment] =]

Which is better WWE or Lucha Libre Wrestling?

Lucha Libre wrestling hands down is way better than WWE Wrestling. I'm a fan of WWE wrestling too, but realistically if it wasn't for Lucha Libre wrestling there wouldn't be any cruiserweight wrestlers, due to the fact the majority of cruiserweights in WWE who aren't actual lucha libre wrestlers, tend to copy the lucha libre wrestling style.

What is better tna wrestling or WWE wrestling?

That's a matter of personal opinion, in my opinion I'd say WWE is better, but nowadays both companies are considered the ''big leagues'' as far as pro wrestling go's.

What is tna is that a wrestling thing TELL ME?

tna is a wrestling show but it will never in eversville be better than wwe

Will the rock be joining tna wrestling in 2010?

no he likes wwe better

Is carlitos still wrestling for WWE?

No, he is not wrestling for WWE anymore.

Is Kurt angle go back to WWE?

No he likes it better in TNA Wrestling!

What is TNA Wrestling vs WWE?

WWE is World Wrestling Entertainment, (Smackdown! and Raw) which has been around for 50 years or so. TNA is a newish wrestling company where many wrestlers kicked out of WWE go to. TNA tries to compete with WWE (they're rivals) but WWE has more experience and therefore has better business then TNA.

Why ultimo dragon left WWE?

Because he wanted better opponets, but he's still wrestling he's in Japan Wrestling