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Newton's Cradle. A soccer player kicking a soccer ball. Things like that.

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Q: Which is an action reaction force pair?
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When action reaction force pair come into being the action force is create first?


If the action force is a player kicking a Soccer ball then what is the reaction force?

Answer this question… If the action force is a player kicking a Soccer ball then what is the reaction force?

Each force in an action-reaction pair of forces is equal in what?

In magnitude.

Identify the action reaction force pair involved when you catch a ball?

The action is throwing the ball up in the air and the reaction is catching it in your hands. Further, the action caused the reaction to occur; forces acted in pairs.

Why centripetal and centrifugal forces are not action reaction pair?

a) Centrifugal force is not even a real force, it is a fictitious force. b) Action and reaction forces act on DIFFERENT objects. If A acts on B, then B acts on A.

Do centripetal and centrifugal force constitute action reaction pair explain?

No. "Action-reaction pair" implies that if an object "A" acts on object "B", then object "B" will also act on object "A". This isn't the case here.

Do centripetal and centrifugal reaction constitute action-reaction pair?

No. They acts on same body. So they do not constitute action-reaction pair.

If action and reaction forces are equal and opposite how can anything move?

The reaction force acts on the object causing the original force, not on the object the reaction force is caused by. So there is only one force acting on each object, and they both move (unless there is another force outside this pair preventing such movement).

How can there be an unbalanced force on an object if every action has an equal and opposite reaction?

"action/reaction" does not mean " force". "Applying force" is an action, not the force itself. So, applying force will create a reaction, which may or may not balance the applied force.

Does the reaction force occurs before the action force?

The action and reaction forces occur at the same time.

What is a action reaction pair?

deck the card

Why is it easy to miss an action-reaction pair?

the reason you miss an action reaction pair is because it happens so fast that your eye can't see it